Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Global Warming Strikes Again!

 Here are the current Sierra snow totals from the storm as of Monday morning, with more falling as we speak:

  • Palisades Tahoe – 104 inches
  • Boreal – 118 inches
  • Homewood – 111 inches
  • Sugar Bowl– 115 inches
  • Northstar – 117 inches
  • Mt. Rose – 105 inches
  • Diamond Peak – 101 inches
  • Heavenly – 60 inches
  • Kirkwood – 70 inches
  • Mammoth Mountain – 94 inches

The Tahoe region has now surpassed its snowiest December ever with snowfall totals measuring in at 193.7 inches for the month, surpassing the previous record of 179 inches in 1970. With more snow in the forecast, that new record could surpass 200 inches.

Below, Shasta Lake.  


  1. Driving past Shasta Lake in October, the northern fingers of the lake were bone dry. One can only hope that the California water managers won't squander what water comes down the slopes to fill Shasta and Oroville.

    Folsom Reservoir was dry enough to put in earth movers, rather than dredges, to remove all the silt that has accumulated over the past 40 years.

    The aerial photo is beautiful. For those who haven't visited Shasta, the white high water mark isn't 10 or 15 feet above the current water level.

    1. I was expecting a lot less water from what I'd read, that's what I get for reading..

  2. Just future water that will flushed to the sea and not saved.

  3. Global Warming is magical !!
    That's why it's called "HOT/DRY/WET/COLD"
    It can do anything !!

  4. Yesterday's outflow at Shasta was 3543 CFS. Inflow was 9584 CFS. And consider this was with virtually no snowmelt.

    Things are looking up!

  5. I see the lake is still green.

    Up here in western Canada it overnights at -32 degrees Fahrenheit, there's lots of snow and no open water anywhere.

    Global warming is just another good thing the left hates, probably because it's a good thing that would make the life of the average person better.