Thursday, June 24, 2021

The LT is thinking of getting something like this. There's only two of them. Anybody use one?



  1. I have never been a fan of wood pellets. But on a positive note, it is a Traeger.

  2. The wood pellet grills are certainly not a replacement for conventional grills but they are the greatest cooking device invention since the 2 slice toaster IMO. If I were more of a camping/picnic kinda guy I would probably get one of these.

  3. Weber makes a really nice one for less that weighs less and uses pellets or briquets. Love mine. It's perfect for apartment living and car camping.

  4. $400 & you have to plug it up. I won't have a grill that won't work when the powers out.

    1. So you’ll give up some amazing cooking 99% of the time simply because it won’t work 1% (likely even less than that) of the time??