Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Starting off the summer fire season in fine style

Just today a burn started out at Lakehead.  In this picture you can see I-5 crossing Shasta Lake, and I hear they've shut down one lane already.

This one's still pretty small, but as hot and dry as it is here, who knows.  There's a reader of this blog that lives up there, so I hope he's ok.

 This one's been named the Salt Fire.

Two that have been going a day or so are the Lava Fire and the Tennant Fire, up by Mount Shasta.  This picture makes it really look like lava flowing all around.


  1. It looks like the north end of the Lava Fire is burning up about a billion dollars worth of Hmong and Chinese pot.

  2. One story said that when the aircraft showed up, they found people flying drones in and around the fires. That called off air support as they won't risk flying anywhere near drone traffic. Makes my blood boil, and wish for massive radio jamming capability for the aircrews.