Saturday, December 28, 2019

Wow. I'd like to know more about this project.


  1. Villaume had a hand in building parts for gliders for WWII. They were neighbors of mine but never knew about the company's history until I was watching a show about the war effort.

  2. A double-acting steam engine driven generator. Engines such has this were
    also used in the lumber industry to drive overhead line shafts that could
    be used to run saws, precision machinery, drills, etc. Line shafts are
    still in common use in paper mills (I worked at two of them.)

    When I first entered the idustrial trades, I was an air compressor mechanic.
    Ingersoll Rand had just marketed a series of doluble-acting single and two
    stage compressors. The coin trick is an indicator of a quality epoxy grout
    job and a very well balanced flyweel. The LLE as they called it featured
    a direct drive electric motor and 2 cylinders (one horizontal and one vertical.)

    The sucker was so well balanced that one could put a coin edge, which is amazing
    considering the reciprical mass and relatively high speed.

  3. Back in the '80s, I read you could balance a nickle on edge on the motors driving a submarine at full power output. I've been in awe of that ever since.