Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Spread them around the house


  1. The only plastic-triggered thing I'd recommend owning is a Glock.
    Make sure your fire extinguishers have metal triggers/lever mechanisms.
    The only time in the past 40 years I ever needed a fire extinguisher- the plastic trigger broke when I went to use it...
    Luckily (by my safety over-redundancies), I had another beefier fire extinguisher within reach.
    Just commenting- it may help somebody

  2. I saw a Clint Smith video not too long ago. He asked his class who keeps a pistol next to the bed? How about a shotgun?

    Then he asked who keeps a fire extinguisher next to the bed? Nobody raised their hand. Then he went on to say the odds are much more that you'll have a house fire than a home invasion. Got me to thinkin', he did.

  3. I gave fire extinguishers to the family for Christmas.Some of the kids weren't happy.