Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Americans are a different breed.


  1. The ability to defend yourself from attack is inherent in all creatures endowed by our creator. From what I understand there is a subset of humans that believe they were descended from an Ape like creature , we now have No reason to doubt them.

  2. Should anyone needs a reason why someone has a God given right, then they do not need to know it. But. if necessary, it is codified in the United States Constitution and is in the second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. that Bill of Rights states what the government CANNOT do to or take away from the governed. It defines God granted rights; not government granted rights. Anyone believing otherwise should consider pursuing other interests because they have no clue. Any court or polity which believes that they may at leisure ignore that right is walking into a perilous area jealously guarded by citizens across the nation. That right is our most basic protection against the tyranny of the majority in this Republic.
    God created all men equal in His eyes. Samuel Colt keeps them that way.