Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday 1911



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  2. Looks like a properly modded 1911a1 to a2. Makes it a better fighting tool.

    1. Not really better. The beavertail, with the raised tail bump? Obviously pinned to disable the grip safety function. Owner shoots with thumb on top of thumb safety, ala Cooper. Cooper also had to pin/disable the beavertail safety, as even with his meaty hands, he couldn't get the safety to disengage consistently.

      The big problem with the beavertail is when it is paired with "thumb on thumb safety", as this pulls the palm away from the backstrap, making recoil control a big problem. Not understanding what is happening, shooters have gunsmiths add lots of grippy surfaces all over the gun to fix a problem that originated with the gunsmith! If you want to shoot with the Cooper method, stick with the original style of grip safety, as the palm/backstrap engagement is usually better. Best would be to use the original grip method that used a low thumb position.

      Most 1911 shooters believe the myth that the grip safety was added as an Army request after accepting the gun for military use. This is WRONG! It was the thumb safety that was requested after the fact. This is clearly seen from looking at the 1910 Army Trials pistols. The grip safety was something that JMB used on lots of his gun designs, as it is a simple AMBIDEXTROUS safety. JMB appears to have been left-handed (judging by unstaged photos of him holding and shooting guns).

  3. Classic gun, classic leather from Milt Sparks, or at least his design (Summer Special). One like it was my first IWB holster for my 1911. In this case, both show appropriate wear, but well taken care of.