Monday, September 27, 2021

He likes it



  1. I would have spun him to see if he landed on all fours.

  2. Did he pack his chute himself? If not, he has no confidence in making th landing. Still, nice form in freefall.

  3. Cats always land on 4 paws and have 9 lives. He's good.

  4. Did you notice the Swedish Marketing director Lena Strand in the youtube video first comment? Wow. I would like to live in a country of women that beautiful.

      Yeah...about that. Age is a treacherous friend.

  5. 1) Always film from the same altitude. Anyone shooting that from below is getting a faceful of catsh*t and cat pee.

    2) Wear proper protective gear in the LZ. In this case, chainsaw chaps, welding jacket and gloves, steel-toed boots, and a full-face motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, whoever unbuckles Mr. Fluffles after the landing is going to get his ass clawed into ribbons, and probably will need a transfusion and about 4000 stitches.

    3) Do NOT buy your cat's 'chute from Acme Products. Just saying.

    4) While many people wonder if they could do this with multiple cats, don't bother. The little furballs always find their way back home eventually.

    5) It's always funnier if you do this over a body of water, but don't be on shore when the jumper gets back on dry land. There will be consequences. See #2, above.

    6) This is a one-time deal. With dogs, they not only enjoy it, they'll be sticking their head out the window on the way to the DZ.
    With cats, if you manage to get it onto another airplane, they will burrow into any available crawlhole, and you'll need a crowbar to get them out before you return to the ground. And a welding jacket and gloves. And a first aid kit.
    Don't bother even trying it.