Sunday, September 26, 2021

Oxen pull hay beneath the summit of Schneeberg, Austria, sometime in the last 200 years



  1. Judging from the harness, the photo was probably a recent one. Most small farm lots are still worked by hand with horses, oxen or human muscle power. Tractors are expensive and so is the fuel, both of which require cash to purchase. Oxen can be bartered for or raised from calving. The fuel is homegrown. With the way things are going, we should pay close attention to how this type of sustenance framing is done as it will be a skill set in high demand.

  2. I agree with Anonymous. I have seen this going on in many backwoods parts of Austria and Germany. There were some incongruities - a teenaged girl, dressed and made up to kill, complete with high heels, driving a similar pair of beasts along a paved pathway just outside Schwangau, and looking extremely upset about being forced to do it just before whatever event she was dressed up for