Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Very Modern Looking



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    1. Nice try, but the quad ejection panels on the roof and the side-by-side front seats should have been your tip off that's a B-2.

      You are a no-go at this station. ;)

  2. Sure could use one of those along about now!

  3. "Anonymous", April 28, 2021 at 9:51 AM has it right. The F-117 is faceted - almost all of the surfaces are more or less planar, and their intersections are straight lines. It's a very angular shape, whereas the B-2 is all curves. As I understand it, they didn't have adequate software or enough computer power, when the F-117 was being developed, to do all the compound curves that the B-2 has. Still, the "Wobblin' Goblin" is a remarkable achievement. Back when the cat got out of the bag Aviation Week & Space Technology had a number of articles about the F-117. They reported that the engineers had to come up with some kind of very specialized coating for the "glass" in the canopy. Without that, the radar return from the pilot's helmet would have been greater than that from the entire aircraft.

  4. I would pay good money for someone to fab a fiberglass version of that to fit over a nice stock sedan chassis. If only to piss off the crew pukes at Whiteman.