Saturday, November 26, 2022

57 Jaguar XK

Sent in by John and Sami.

Sami and his brother bought it in NYC in 1988 and shipped it to Finland. They were just able to get it running clean enough to load.

Stayed in Finland, brother driving it there, til 2018. Shipped then to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sami's drives it here, now, when the weather is right.

That design will always look outstanding.  Lucky guy, that Sami!



  1. I neglected to mention that Sami and his brother paid $8K for the car back in '88. They've been offered as high as $75K. They've turned down all offers, cause it's "a driver," they say.

  2. XK 140 OTS (People call it a "roadster" but the factory designation is "Open Top Sports" hence OTS. Nice ride, it might be a 'driver' but it looks like it would do well in JCNA concours competitions.