Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Very Cool, Literally



  1. Frigidaire... Designed with YOU in mind.

    Anybody else remember that slogan?

  2. I have one, works well as a beer fridge in the garage 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Probabaly cost >$1,000. We looked at several glass door mini-fridges, all were close to $1,500. Went to Lowe's, and they had an Amana 6.8 cu ft upright on sale for $649 (after the 5% contractor discount). Bought it.

  4. We have an old Frigidaire by GM at the summer camp. I put a new power cord on it twenty years ago, there's a schematic on the back with the year 1948. It gets used about 2 months every year. The rubber seals on the door are shot, but other than that it just keeps on working.

    1. We still have my wife's grandparents 1950 " General Electric Refrigerating
      Machine" . Only unpluged once to move it to my garage. 72 years without
      a repair! I'm sure this beast will outlast me (I'm 1947 vintage) but as long as
      this porcelain god keeps my beer cold, I'll keep it around!