Friday, November 25, 2022

Captured! Notice the dart in the raccoon's side. He's probably feeling pretty upset right now.



  1. From what I've seen coons, that dart is probably more than enough to send Br'er Coon on to meet his maker.
    They aren't real rugged.

  2. Au contraire, Mr. Anonymous. I fed one half a pound of mole poison, more than enough to kill a large dog or human, and it just wandered around for three days like those shambling druggies you see in the city, until it pooped.

    Another one I held under for 5 minutes, only for it to surface and come alive. Then there's the one I hit with 8 rounds of .22.

    Hate raccoons.

    1. 5 year old grand daughter calls 'em "rakkins"

  3. We likes em, they eat all our table scraps. Them and the possoms. We like em all.

  4. Trash Panda arrested in the diversity hair care aisle of a NYC store.....