Monday, November 28, 2022

Fired up and ready to rumble



  1. Elk wear ghillie suits.
    Not a lot of people know that.

  2. Backpacking in eastern Oregon’s Walla Walla Rockies back in 1977,I was hunting a way up the 30-40 ft high western cliff face that formed the edge of the large plateau at around 7,500 ft.

    It was late June and snow pack was melting with small streams showering down the cliff face every 30-40 yards blocking out all other sounds other than the strong southernly wind in my face and ears…

    I came around a sharp cliff protrusion with my Mauser 8mm 98k in my right hand and was face to face with a huge bull elk about 4-5 feet away….

    He couldn’t hear or smell me due to the wind and as he gave out a huge bellowing roar, I stumbled backwards on the sloped slate gravel rock that had been breaking off the cliff face for eons…

    As I slid backwards down hill on my pack trying to get my head sucked up between my shoulders, I heard him scattering rock and gravel as he galloped back south along the cliff face and continued to trumpet loud enough to echo thru the valley…

    After10-15 yards, I was finally able to roll on my left side and curl up so that my pack (instead of my head) slammed into a boulder below….

    I was smoking two cigarettes at once when my hiking partner finally came running up from the north asking what to hell I was doing 20 yards down slope from him…

    and had I seen the elk making all the noise…???

  3. Is that an American Elk (wapati) or European Red Deer ? In any case, it appears to be advertising for female companionship.

  4. An elk, singing Werewolves of London.He us obviously at the WAH-OOO part.