Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sea green Jaguar


  1. Complete with a couple of birds.

  2. "Sea green," huh? I had a mechanic friend who got a Jag saloon car that had been wrecked, don't remember the model.

    He completely stripped it down to bare metal & rebuilt everything, just like he was building it from scratch. Everything was factory; it was a labor of love, so he took his time & did it all right. Took him about 3 years.

    Finally he repainted it. He chose this "sea" green, but I'd have used a different word. It was a magnificent car, but it looked like crap to me. I guess opinions vary!

    I don't think his wife would have approved of the optional attachments that the car above shows, but they would definitely help me look more favorably on the color!