Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wolf pack begins killing cattle in Lassen County, California.

Wally Roney of the Roney Land and Cattle Co., believes he’s lost at five cows to the wolves, but the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has just confirmed one attack that happened on Oct. 13.
Roney’s pulling all his livestock out of Lassen County as a result of the attacks.
Roney told Sam Williams of the Plumas County News that CDFW notified him a GPS-collared female wolf of the Lassen Pack was at each of the five sites before he found the dead animals.
“They told me the exact point that wolf was at prior to the kill,” Roney told Williams.
The Lassen Pack was first sighted in June, and consists of two adults and at least three pups. It was the second pack established in the state after the Shasta Pack arrived in 2015. The first pack’s status is currently unknown.
The first wolf in California since the 1920s was OR7, who in 2011 wandered as far south as Butte County before returning to Oregon.

Trail camera picture of some of the wolves in question.  Wait until they start going for people's pets, and kids.  As with the mountain lions, locals will solve the problem using the three S method.


  1. We don't need wolves here, nor do we need wolf-dogs. It might be a real head lesson if some of those that say they should be here, lived in areas that had their lively hood impacted by them.

  2. I graduated from Steamboat Springs, CO High School in 1961. At that time the only moose in Colorado were on the West side of Cameron Pass (Highway 14). Rarely saw a bear. Now there are moose and bears wandering the streets of Steamboat. All the transplants for other states piss me off. They have no idea what it is like to kill an elk with an ax while he is climbing on your hay sled. In the summer the mountain bikers pedal through areas the cow elk nurture their newborn.