Saturday, August 31, 2019

Made in Rockford, Illinois


  1. Estwing 3lb shown- IS solid gold for performance and balance by adult.
    I have had mine for breaking, cobbing, trimming all types of rock for at least 10 years. Maybe 12? STILL good shape and smashing stuff
    4 lb is awkward off balance and wrings my wrist. Have one and dislike it a lot lol!
    Nahhh, a BFH is 20 lbs or more!
    I do geology/mining. I also run a 16 lb.(no 20+ for me :)-
    YES--Heavy beast will crack big rock a 12lb or less will just keep bouncing off until YOU wear out. An older and bigger guy** than me told me the truth on that! ...I started at 10, then later a 12, have plateaued at 16.
    **(Old boy had a 30lb he made. I never tried it. NO thanks Big Dave. Not making a fool of myself with your monster :)