Tuesday, August 27, 2019

According to Pocahontas Warren's campaign, 15,000 people greeted the Massachusetts senator for her afternoon town hall forum.

But, a pede with too much time on his hands literally counted, and the real number was 1526.

As he says, double it, as there's more people outside the picture on the right, and you're still at only 3000.  Double it again ( there did look like more people in the video than the picture) and you're only at 6000.  It's interesting that there aren't people on the lawn on the other side of the fountain.  And that's in Seattle, which is a liberal lunatic homeland where Warren and her crazy ideas would be popular.

Another person looked at it from another angle, and came up with the same number range.

"She had 2,900-6,444 people max. Here’s the breakdown in Seattle. She was in the South Fountain Lawn. It’s a 29,000 sq fr venue. A packed crowd needs 4.5 sq fr each and a loose crowd needs 10 sq ft each. That gives you the range of 2,900 to 6,444."

Warren has a history of bald face lying.  Looks like she hasn't learned anything by it, and her campaign is no better at the truth.


  1. But But But, They all identify as 1500 people. So, FU !
    Sarcasm, well, maybe . . .

    Sarthurk! There may be irony in that name I call myself.

  2. They also said 15,000 in at Hamline University in St Paul. There aren't 15,000 Hamline students. Having been to a bunch of sold out hockey games, HS, College and Pros, I know what a group of 15,000 people look like and the pix of that rally sure didn't look like it. Fauxcahontus lying, say it isn't Sioux.