Saturday, January 28, 2017



  1. The blue one looks like a Disney creation.

  2. They both look like some Italian designs from WWII but I just can't place them. Okay. Now this is officially bugging me. And I gotta do spousal things. Help!!!

  3. Okay, y'all did it. Could not get these two planes out of my mind.

    The twin engine plane is a DeHavilland D.H.88 Comet, a British plane, named "Grosvener House" after the original sponsor, from 1934. Won the England to Australia MacRobertson air race.

    The blue plane is a Caudron C-460 Rafale, a French air racer originally built in 1934 and noted for setting the speed record for French aircraft that year.

    Lots of googly goodness on the internet for those wishing to partake.

    These are still-flying examples of the 'Golden Age' racers. Beautiful, and you can see the development of the fighters of WWII in their lines.

  4. In Pixar's Planes movie, Bulldog, voiced by John Cleese, was a D.H.88, IIRC....