Monday, January 30, 2017

The longboat is ready, Ragnar! Load the Vikings!


  1. As a sailor I can appreciate the efficient design of the Norse longboats. They went 'A viking' and explored most of the known world. A very efficient main sail. good for down wind and off the beam, otherwise the crew, warriors manned the oars and took the boat to the wind.
    We are now discovering that the Norsemen went down the Volga river in Russia all the way to the Black Sea and then over to Venice, Italy to trade furs, and other commodities to the merchants of the center of trading power at that time.
    They also took Irish slaves back to their villages in Norway. The coasts of Great Britain from Scotland to Ireland were regularly pillaged by the Norse.
    Abby's were a particular prize. Full of gold, silver and graineries full of food to haul away to feed their families back home. The longboats were primarily cargo ships. No point in plundering a place if you can't haul the booty home.
    They were pagan, kick ass men.
    No wonder their legend has come down to us over the centuries.

    1. They also took Irish slaves

      Q: Why are Scandinavian women so good looking?
      A: The vikings only stole good-looking women.

    2. Thanks for the bit of history Granny, I appreciate it.

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    1. Let's see: Ax, helm, chain mail, blood pressure medication....yep, I'm ready to go too!

  3. "Load the Vikings?" I've always heard that the Vikings were usually loaded all the time! (And they'd unload on you if you got in their way.)