Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump begins the dismantling of the Democratic/Progressive party

The Republicans are next, even though they don't realize it yet.

Nevertheless, I remain impressed with what he is doing and how fast he's doing it.  Must be a private sector thing.

First, The Donald successfully begins to peel off the support of the big private sector labor unions.

Now, he is beginning to destroy the Democrat's ability to benefit from the votes of illegals, the dead, multiple votes from a single person, and all other vote fraud.  To add salt to the wound, he has them daring him to do it.

 Take vote fraud away from the Dems and they will be in trouble.  Add the loss of the unions in the rust belt, and they are in crisis.

Next, he is going to seriously cut the size of government, and deprive the public sector unions of jobs and money to donate to Democrats.  Body blow after body blow.


  1. It's the only way to make America great again - greater than ever before.

    He wants to drain the swamp by delivering jobs to the ghettos, which will lead to dignity and the end of dependence. If he can pull it off, it will be quite something. He's only been in office for a few days now and every day, the newsies are scrambling. The pace he sets is a corporate pace, not the leisurely plodding of the bureaucrat.

  2. We ain't seen nuthin' yet.
    The man doesn't owe a brass razzoo to any of the lobbyists who have had a strangle hold on the government for too long. He doesn't owe money to the 'power brokers' and it is scaring the shit out of them.
    Go Trump!

  3. Yup, the politicos and their M.S.M. stooges are punch-drunk after just a few days of Trumps jabs, hooks and uppercuts. They don't realize they've awoken a sleeping tiger and they're gonna be seriously mauled! The country will be better off after the dust clears.

  4. With the stroke of a pen, he can tell the census bureau to only count US citizens for apportionment in the congress. That will kill off 10 representatives and electoral college votes from California. In the last several census, there was no question asking if you were here legally. I think it is an essential part of good governing to know just how many illegals are here. Count them.

  5. I pray for his safety and the safety of those around him every day. They shot Kennedy for wanting to do roughly the same thing about elites controlling the government, and he was a democrat.

  6. I used to dream about something like this happening, but then I'd wake up and find cold, hard reality still filled with dishonest, unpatriotic politicians (spit!)

    Now maybe I'm still dreaming, but if so- I hope I never ever wake up again! This is really a miracle, and literally a dream coming true!