Thursday, March 25, 2021

Mount Shasta, sleeping soundly - for now.



  1. Mighty pretty.
    As Bruce Babbitt would say, "That's a prodigious forest". Just before he would approve of shutting down all logging on federal land and reintroducing Gray Wolves (Canis lupis) imported from Canada.
    Typical trust fund baby.

  2. Oh it's not entirely asleep. I recall getting to the summit plateau and smelling the sulfur stench of the fumaroles near the peak. People were using the hot gravel near the vents to melt snow for water.
    Lassen is even more active. But the one to really worry about is Ranier. It's rock has been rotting out from the inside for centuries, and if it ever lets loose an eruption, the lahar has the potential to wipe Tacoma off the map.

    1. Rrrraaaiiiiin earrrrr beeeeeeeeerrrrrr

      If I did it right, you'll understand it.

    2. I fondly recall those commercials. I've swilled many a pony pack of pounders because they were cheaper than most other 12 ounce brands. But that was many moons ago. I haven't bought booze in so long, I don't even know what brands are still out there.