Saturday, March 27, 2021

More Saturday Jeep



  1. If you fly offshore in helicopters much, you sometimes have to get HUET-certified (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training). They strap you into an airframe cabin simulator, lift you up, plunge you completely into a cold water pool, flip it over, and then when it stops - you have to unbuckle your harness, pop out the window, and swim through it into the clear. Maybe even use a re-breather, too, if it's cold water like the North Sea. Looks like this guy just signed up, without the helicopter.

    1. Been a feature of Navy aircrew training for years.

      "Helo dunker" AKA "Terror in a drum."

  2. I would have said he's being winched out by the front-end but on closer inspection, he's gunning the front tire based on the spray coming off the tread.

  3. I'm not seeing the Mr. Horsepower decal on that one.