Thursday, May 30, 2024

Once you get your fire going, have some fun with it.



  1. Reminds me of Daffy Duck cartoons.


    1. Reminds me of the Meat Loaf "Bat out of Hell" Album cover.

  2. Ain't you ever been told not to play with fire? Looks like a good way to end up in the burn ward.

  3. Could be an XR-750, which was kind of made to do dumb shit like that, but I think it's a regular old Sportster. Eod1sg Ret

  4. In my younger days we used to go to Laconia motorcycle races and do the same thing. Fires were probably not as big because we were drunks racing motorcycles around the free raceway campground. They cleaned it up significantly and closed the campground and made it more family friendly. this was 45 years ago. I used a Honda 750 Super Sport. It was crazy we rode those motorcycles like dirt bikes.