Friday, May 31, 2024




  1. I had one of those.... The 1966 GT Fastback. Bought it in 77 for $1800 and sold it in 82 for $4500. Thought I made a killing ...."facepalm arggghhhhh".

  2. Round about 1977, a neighbor had a '68 360 fastback for sale. Stored on blocks, kept covered, very low miles. I forget the miles but want to say less than 100.
    Painted dark blue with wide white stripe down the top. Real nice wheels. Asking $8,500.

    I had $8,500 but though I was an immature young twenties, I passed. Every now and then, like prompted by this post, I think what might have been. Its okay, I was into MOPARs.
    Still, what a ride that was.