Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Square Dances (With Calls) Emery Adams & The Corn Huskers, Coronet Records/USA (1959)



  1. Square dances helped make communities stronger. I wonder how our culture would change if the cell phones of young people suddenly quit working and the youth rediscovered face-to-face social interaction, including square dancing.

    1. Save America through square dancing.

  2. In 7th and 8th grade, we had square dancing instead of recess in the winter at the K - 8th grade elementary school I attended.


  3. It would be difficult to dance (any kind of dancing) in high heels, on a slope, and on loose terrain!

    I still go square dancing regularly, although I only dance to "traditional" squares, and NOT the "modern western square dances" (i.e., "club" dancing). Traditional squares are for everyone, you don't have to take lessons, you don't need to wear a square dance "outfit," and I have found the traditional dancers have more fun.

    I recently got a teen into the square dances, and he loves it!