Monday, May 27, 2024

A woman taking a walk through a field in Kutnohorsk, a city 50 miles southeast of Prague, stumbled on a few silver coins that turned out to be the advance guard of one of the largest early medieval coin hoards ever found in the Czech Republic.

Authorities  ultimately unearthed more than 2,150 silver deniers minted by Bohemian rulers King Vratislav II. and princes Břetislav II. and Bořivoje II, between 1085 and 1107.

Too bad I'm past child siring years.  I'd shoot for another boy and name him Vratislav if I wasn't.  

Vratislav II was married three times. His first wife Maria died during premature childbirth. He married the second time in 1057 to Adelaide, daughter of Andrew I of Hungary, who died in 1061.[10] They had:

In 1062, Vratislaus married a third time to Swatawa of Poland, a daughter of Casimir I of Poland.[12] They had five children:

You go Vratislav!

The hoard was originally buried in a ceramic container, but over the centuries the vessel was destroyed by plowing. Archaeologists were only able to find the bottom of it, but it is evidence that this fortune in coins was amassed and buried in one deposit.

Due to the frequent battles for the Prague princely throne, the armies of individual rival princes repeatedly marched through today's Kutnohorsk Region.  Experts thing it is possible that the hoard represents cash for paying wages, or perhaps war booty.

I'm voting for war booty.  

Via the always good History Blog.


  1. Silver and gold are ALWAYS treasure. Keep that in mind as you hoard FRNs. LOL

  2. Why does anyone ever go public with this stuff. You know there are hundreds of individuals, state, local and other organizations trying to figure how to leverage thier way in to the find. Find it, put out feelers for private collectors that you found "some" coins and quietly sell them off a little at a time

    1. Huh? She reported her find to the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the site was thoroughly excavated by archeologists. They only publicized the find well after the dig was finished. What are you going on about?

  3. Men are never past siring years.

  4. No, no, no, you inherited them from your great grandfather, your memory must be failing.