Thursday, May 30, 2024

Interesting Picture


The Hindenburg trundles into the U.S. Navy hangar, its nose hooked to the mobile mooring tower, at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 9, 1936.

The rigid airship had just set a record for its first north Atlantic crossing, the first leg of ten scheduled round trips between Germany and America.


  1. Kinda looks like a big ol' fish waiting to go to bed for the night.

  2. We didn't think small back then, that truss and beam hanger alone is a structural marvel itself.

    1. Speaking of marvels have you ever seen the TV series "Modern Marvels." There's some giant engineering shown on there. Bridges, ships, dams, giant 400 ton dump trucks. I've also seen shows where a thousand years ago the Chinese had ships bigger than anything today. And don't forget the Tower of Babel. Man has always wanted bigger.

  3. The people on that trip were the lucky ones.

  4. Well all I can say is, the internet has ruined me.