Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hungry herd of manatees prepare to surround and devour their human prey



  1. I like how the humans exemplify sexual stereotypes. Him: neat! Her: OMG, are they going to kill me?


  2. Gentle giants. Looks like Silver Springs.

    I remember delivering hot oil to a power plant on the eastern intercostal during the winter one year. I was rolling the barge to squeeze every drop from it, and as I did, momma sea cow pushed her baby up against the hull for warmth. She rolled with the motion of the discharge, bow to stern port to starboard until it was dry.

    Pretty cool.

  3. A note of caution for everyone: If you ever go on a "swim with the manatees" tour, they show a video about what you can and can't do. In short, messing with the manatees involves HUGE fines and possibly jail time.

    That said, the tour is worth it.

  4. Manatees: Interesting and fun.
    Gators: Not so much. Sorta bitey and hungry.

    Keep your head on a swivel in those idyllic Florida waterways.

  5. There’s a family of manatees that winter in one of the inlets north of Weedon Island in Tampa Bay. They’ll interact with us sometimes while we’re kayaking. Neat when it happens, but we keep our distance as much as we can. The kids have learned to respect nature, especially when it outweighs you by a ton.