Friday, May 24, 2024

Another Amazing Milestone Passed

SpaceX continued its torrid, history-making launch space on Thursday night when it lifted 23 new Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit, making its third blastoff in two days.

Meanwhile, everyone else struggles.  What is it with this Musk guy?  PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter/X, Starlink, and several other smaller companies.   All successes.  Ten kids.  Dude!


  1. There's only a handful of places on Earth where you can go out and watch rockets take off from your yard. Thanks to Musk, we get to live in the one with a launch cadence measured in rockets per week instead of per year, with boosters that land offshore on a drone ship or come back to land next to the launch pad. Unlike the Chinese that drop boosters on elementary schools.

  2. Because Musk is a cabal chosen one. It is how he is able to direct highly, unimpeded, lucratively funded successful activities denied to all who are not of one of the special bloodline families who have ruled the financial world for centuries going back to King Solomon and the black nobility families to Roman times and earlier.
    Think about it. Among all the failures of governments and the economic warfare waged across the world here is this figure who simply glides along without a hiccup thru all his enterprises. Why is this? Because he is front man for the dark side, what operates along the fringes of the shadows. Its not rocket science. They always tell us what they are doing, its just they do so as a form of weaseling implied consent out of us by keeping us ignorant and in the dark, they mushroom us. Getting our consent is a centuries old covenant they have to abide by, its what the whole Q thing is about, many movies also, notable cause they portray many events before hand. And SpaceX is a manifestation of that. They do nit need 6000 satellites covering every square inch of earth because they are concerned with rural people having internet access, its so every human on earth, yet only one purpose out of many, can be mire easily surveiled, watched manipulated thru deirected energy technology, place all digital communications, all our devices below an unbroken net of intelligence gathering, using net of connected devices constantly over our heads from which no one can evade or hide from. It in part substitutes, it also is a force multiplier, for the vast network of ground surveillance which gangstalking has existed for for centuries, which itself was created and organized funded and ultimately controlled by certain black nobility families, control control control. The world is not as we think we know it, everything we are told to believe is a lie.

    1. You should really see someone about that.
      - macxcool

    2. interesting how the trolls instantly show up and personally attack people, to discredit and it mis-dierect, when inconvenient truths and forbidden subjects are spoken. almost as if they are hovering monitoring in real time what people talk about or comment on. funny that.

    3. And anyone who thinks Musk, "simply glides along without a hiccup thru all his enterprises" doesn't know a thing about the issues going on.