Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jordan Peterson addresses gender pay gap, divisions between men and women, and postmodernism

Fascinating in the extreme.

This guy argues about ten levels above his interviewer from beginning to end.

The BBC interviewer consistently oversimplifies and misrepresents Peterson's arguments, and is brought back to center and focus, but nicely and respectfully by the professor.  At one point his logic leaves her literally speechless.  A tour de force in proper form from Professor Peterson.


  1. Wow. Just Wow!!!!! Thank you for posting this! An amazing intellect and man.

  2. Ms. Newman is getting fried on her official FB page.

    It's spectacular.

  3. At least she gave him time to speak, and actually listened to him at least some of the time. Try to imagine that happening on our Fake News Networks.

  4. I kept wanting to take her by the neck and shake her & shout, "That's NOT what he just said, you dolt! Are you *listening* to him at all?"
    His patience far outdistanced mine, for sure.

  5. Patience, indeed. That's like watching someone try to explain the Calculus to a chihuahua.

    How he continues to engage leftists in a respectful manner despite their provocations to join them on their level is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Ms. Newman responds atypically, Example: (man) Honey, you look wonderful tonight. (woman) So what you are saying is that I looked awful yesterday?

    Is this the female behavior she wants in successful companies? :)