Thursday, January 25, 2018

But what about the F-16 XXL?

The F-16XL could carry twice the ordnance of the F-16 and deliver it 40% farther. The enlarged wing allowed a total of 27 hardpoints.


  1. I hear IWI is looking at the plans.

  2. I also wonder what the RCS would be?

    1. Once you get past a certain point it doesn't matter. Big is Big. Everything still has to be carried externally. Bombs, missiles, pylons, tanks. Big. And it's still single engine.

    2. one engine means is cost less than the F-15E to buy. even fully slicked a F16 best maneuvering speed is 350 to 420Kts. the point is that this is designed as a air-to mud attack aircraft and the supersonic aircraft and pilot can't see the target on the ground. the cranked delta allows it to carry a lot of ordnance and fuel. but the fighter mafia thought the this was about image and not efficiently destroying the enemies of our great nation.
      I hope the US Army picks up the A-10 when the fighter mafia sends them to the boneyard because the USAF will never buy into F-16E.