Monday, January 29, 2018

Lukla Airport in Nepal is the world's most dangerous airport with only one way in and one way out and no chance to abort your landing or takeoff.


  1. There are places that I have no interest in visiting. I do know some Ghurkas, now retired, who call the place home. Well and good. My sentiments remain.

  2. Piece of cake... Until it's not. ;-)

  3. been into some gravel strips in Norway where the one end of the runway is a 1000' deep fjord and a mountainous rock face on the other. a missed approach is not an option. once decent is initiated one is committed to a landing of some sort. getting one's ducks all in a row before hand is always a good thing. asking before hand if this trip was really necessary is something i have always asked myself.
    Lukla is terrifying as the density altitude is really up there on a hot day.