Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DACA is not a bargaining chip, it's a bait. In fact, you just saw how Trump used it to bait the Dems into a Banzai Charge on his most heavily fortified position.

This guy has perhaps figured it out, and if so, the next few months are going to be interesting to watch.


  1. This guy is good. DACA will not pass as the dems want i.e. no chain migration and no citizenship just a green card. Also remove the being born in the US as a path to citizenship.

  2. I think that President Trump will get what he wants and the DACA people will get a pathway to citizenship, but they will need to get in line while they're waiting.

  3. Chain migration, visa lottery, and birthright citizenship* (without at least one citizen parent) have to go. Measured and merit-based immigration = yay.
    * this doesn't seem to get mentioned - is it not on the table?
    I've got no problem with giving the DACA kids some kind of legitimacy, but not their parents, et al. Those are the people who broke the law, and their success in avoiding the consequences of that for however long does not warrant blanket amnesty.
    DACA needs to be addressed in the overall re-formation of our immigration laws that no longer reflect global population movement. And, the affirmative economic benefits conferred on the DACA kids by Obama's DACA policy need to be rescinded -- he had no right to bestow those (among all the other imperial powers he assumed), absent legislation by Congress.
    If Trump holds firm (& assuming buy-in by intransigent Repubs), the Dems will either accept his conditions for DACA because they've made such a big deal of their DACA stance, or they will refuse to accommodate Trump's prerequisites and thereby sacrifice the DACAs. Either way, they lose.

    But maybe that's just wishful thinking?

    1. I was born here and I am a US citizen. If you were born here you are a US citizen. One of my sisters was born in Germany and is a naturalized US citizen.
      What is it that makes you a non US citizen if you were born in the US?
      I think it would be difficult to not be a US citizen if it is your birthright. How could you make that distinction? How could you deport an infant US citizen when you deport the infant US citizens parents?
      Do you mean to take the infant US citizen away from the parents when you deport the parents? How is that going to work???
      In my family, there would be war on you.