Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Tuck talks Memo

Good summary of the situation.


  1. Treason needs to be addressed.

  2. Looking forward to the SOTU address tonight, and hoping that maybe some of this will be addressed in it. Whatever Pres. Trump says, it won't be good for the Dems!

    The reason no Dems want to read the memo is twofold: 1/ it's classified material, so they can't quote it or even say more than just what it's about; 2/ since they don't know what is in the memo, they can go on TV and spout whatever bilge they want to; there's no limit to the lies they can tell, and no one can come back at them because of those lies when the truth comes out.

    Not that the media would come back at them anyway, so far the MSM has been a Truth Disposal Service for the Democrats!

  3. Memo written by Republican staffers who cherry picked facts. Rep Nunes is a traitor Trump is knee deep with the Russians - An innocent person would
    do 1/10 of 1% what Trump and his minions are doing to impede the investigation

    1. WOW! a clear and succinct statement of facts as KS knows them!
      I am underwhelmed by KS's logic.
      A true believer would be able to give a twenty minute dissertation on the known facts in answer to a clearly stated question where the only possible answer is yes/no.
      KS must be off it's feed today.