Monday, January 22, 2018

Horrifically large Snapping Turtle seen under the ice of a frozen lake in (of course) Arkansas.

You could lose an arm or leg to a monster that size.   That thing's a dinosaur, straight up.

A group of duck hunters came across the reptile hanging out under the ice in an area near Marvell in Phillips County.
The photo was taken earlier this month during the cold spell that kept temperatures below freezing for a few days.
Jonathan Evins estimates the turtle to be at 2.5 to 3 feet long. He says he was in the picture with the turtle because he was the lightest one in his group and was pretty confident the ice would hold him

So how does a turtle survive under a sheet of ice?   Cold water slow their metabolism way down, and, believe it or not, a turtle breathes through it's anus.  Talk about bad breath!   Here’s an article that explains it:–


  1. Snapping turtles and alligator turtles are REALLY MEAN and they are very capable. They (as with a badger) are one species that you must insure are dead before you approach.

  2. Breathing through the anus is no big deal when you consider all the people that talk out of theirs, mostly because their mouth knows better.