Thursday, January 25, 2018

Riots sweep India as film about legendary Hindu Queen and Muslim barbarian opens


  1. Bollywood never did much for's difficult for me to care about the characters or the plots. I watched the trailer and it confirmed all of my preconceived notions - I'll miss it and likely won't watch any of it on tv. Does that make me a bad person?

    1. Delving further - Whenever I see anything made in India, I immediately reflect back and the smell of ass and shit pervades anything. Most of India has no plumbing and the night soil collectors dump it in open trailers. And people drop and squat when the urge takes them. Ok, yes, it's a lot like modern San Francisco in that.

  2. A grand Bollywood production with beautiful women, handsome men, dancing and swordplay sounds like a winner; but add in that it's about Hindu vs. Muslim... oh dear, "what could go wrong?"

    Whoever made this film really should have known better. According to Brietbart, "A group of 300 women petitioned the Indian government for permission to kill themselves over the movie." Passions run deep!

  3. That chick sure has a big Shiney thing in her nose.