Thursday, January 25, 2018

Good commentary on the Turkish adventure into Syria

Turkish President Erdogan said he plans to "foil games along our borders starting from Manbij." He said that Turkey would "clean our region from this trouble completely.”
The Turks promise the 'mother of all wars' in Manbij since they had their asses handed to them in Afrin.

Check in often for the latest on the fun and games in the sandbox.  At least this time, it's not us.  As LL said, General Mattis is just sitting back, eating popcorn, and watching the show.


  1. I can't wait to hear the "I told you so's"

  2. Not our fight, and I'm glad (and amazed!) that we're staying out of it. That said, I'm rooting for the Kurds.

    The Turks have got way too big for their britches, and Erdogan's bunch are the worst kind of moslems there are; the Kurds have fierce, proud women warriors who don't wear burkas, so I hope they prevail!

  3. And Erdogan purged most of his Western trained secular senior officers. He now has the remains of a formerly pretty good army with some pretty bad "yes men" commanders. regards, Alemaster

    1. add to that the Kurds rightfully do not fight fair.