Wednesday, January 31, 2018

History is what happens when you’re assuming other things

An interesting analysis of Nato's ability, or lack of it, to keep the Russians at bay in the North Atlantic.


  1. I'm covering my take on it on my blog tomorrow - but yes, it's very well written.

  2. Here are some ratios EU (w/o US and Turkey) vs. Russia: population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.60:1; active duty service men, 1.8:1. Add in the US and Turkey, and the ratios double.

    Russia is not a threat to anyone, even Ukraine. But the EU all by itself is an existential threat to Russia, and if Russia did not have nuclear weapons, the EU all by itself could conquer and occupy Russia.

    The hysteria evident in the article is a sign of just how feckless and cowardly the EU countries are. NATO is a liability to the US.

    1. The point about the Ukraine is a good one, but then again, the Russians are occupying a large part of that country. It might also be a good idea to calculate toughness and will into the equation. I'm not sure how much toughness and will to win the western Euros have, or at least their governments have. They seem more than willing to commit suicide all on their own.