Monday, January 22, 2018

Great analysis of the left's reaction to Professor Peterson's truth telling


  1. "The authoritarian liberal elites control the flow of information in Britain." - yes. And that's why the president 'tweets'.

  2. Excellent commentary on one of the very best bits of TV I've ever seen, that wonderful demonlition of progressivism by Prof. Peterson with Cathy Newman appearing as the horse's ass, i.e. herself.

    This man too has a way with words! It'd be fun if Cathy took him on as well, but she isn't that stupid... is she? Anyway, I'd watch it!

    I happened to notice some books on the shelves behind Mr. Weston- among them Mark Steyn's "America Alone", VD Hanson's "Mexifornia", and something by Dinesh D'Souza- I'd sure like to borrow his bookshelves!