Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Democrats during about 99% of the SOTU last night.

I mean, really.  The visuals were terrible.  They need to hire someone to advise them who knows how to use the media like a master.  Someone with years of experience on TV.  Someone like....The Donald!


  1. I half expected Pocahontas do walk to the aisle, drop onto that flabby belly and pound her feet and fists.

    1. The very mental image you painted LL made me lose my lunch!

  2. That was an incredible SOTU address! Personally, I was hoping for some more red meat, but President Trump played it beautifully- and very Presidentially. He asked the country to come together, and his offer was rejected by the Democrats.

    He left the Dems between a rock and a hard place: they could applaud things that are good for Americans, or sit on their hands; they could applaud in commiseration for Americans who died at the hands of MS-13, or sit on their hands; we all saw how they chose. No wonder Pelousy was chewing her cud!

    I wonder how many sets of dentures she's worn out since The Donald came to town!

  3. It's the same scene when Obama gave his SOTU - Repubs sat and pouted.

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