Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The cold civil war heats up a bit

The Trump administration's battle with so-called sanctuary cities escalated Wednesday when the Department of Justice, under the guidance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asked for records from 20 cities and countries, including the country's three largest, as well as California, Illinois and Oregon.

The documents would reveal whether law enforcement agencies in these jurisdictions are illegally withholding information from US immigration authorities in violation of federal law, Reuters reported. Most sanctuary cities have passed local laws meant to stop municipal law enforcement from sharing an arrestee's immigration status with ICE.

“If these jurisdictions fail to respond to our request, fail to respond completely or fail to respond in a timely manner, we will exercise our lawful authorities and issue subpoenas for the information,” said a senior Justice Department official, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity.
It still astounds me that any public entity anywhere would choose to violate the law, the wishes of the American people, and promote lawlessness, all in furtherance of those here illegally.

The root of this is voting.  No matter what is said publicly, the inexplicable becomes crystal clear when one considers that the votes of illegals are highly valuable to those politicians whose values and morals are at odds with the majority of the American people, and who know that they need to overwhelm the voters who disagree with those whose votes can be easily purchased.

It's even more galling when one considers that those same politicians stand eager to buy those votes using the wealth generated by those Americans who obey the law, who take care of their business, and who believe in the tenants of the Constitution.  They shamelessly use the power of the state to destroy through taxation those who created and nurture that same state and culture.

These vile politicians know that to deny them the ability to gain the votes of these non citizens  will inevitably deny them the political power they crave above all else.

Since they start from an immoral position, it is no stretch to imagine them responding to this President with everything up to and even including violence.

It's a flashpoint, and one that unfortunately simply must be aggressively attacked by those who believe in and are willing to protect the American culture and the Constitution.

Trump's close relations with Generals Mattis and Kelly, and his positioning of them in powerful positions in the government, should be seen in this context.

I agree with those who believe that civil war is absolutely to be avoided, but at the same time, the people who threaten our country, our culture, and our Constitution will stop at nothing to destroy all three if they believe it will enhance their power and wealth.  Their behavior to date abundantly illustrates this.  We really will have no choice but to confront them, and learn just how far they are willing to push this.  Good men and women will not, in the end, stand by and do nothing.   Bad men and women must understand this.

Bring on the storm on our terms, not theirs, and thereby pass through the tempest with the least damage.


  1. President Trump will need a second term to sort things out properly.

  2. i have been reading this for a few days and no one has commented on the misspelling. It is counties not countries.

    1. Good catch! Zero Hedge too excited to keep spell checker on a well-deserved short leash.

  3. Glad to se Denver on the list-I had to move out of there in 2001 the illegals were so bad in my part of town-had an actual exchange of gunfire with 2 that had climbed onto the roof of one of my warehouses. When the police came, they almost arrested me for discharging a firearm in city limits.

    I sold my buildings and was gone with in a year.

  4. We must always remember the Civil War was fought for the rights of Americans. If this unconstitutional "sanctuary" stuff keeps up, the second civil war will be fought for, again, the rights of Americans.

  5. It's very simple: They are giving away something that doesn't belong to them (the public trust and the coin of citizenship), and it probably won't stop until physical violence is invoked to stop it. Frog marching public officials to jail to cool their heels until they make high bails will have a very salutary effect on compliance for 80% of them, because they are at heart, cowards.

  6. I'd love to see something actually happen, but it seems leftists always wriggle out of trouble and then the public forgets (or gives up)...

    But OMG did you see what the Kardashians did?? Sad state of affairs.