Monday, January 29, 2018

Big Blades Spinning


  1. Yup, they over fly my place in western NC on occasion and you know right away it ain't a couple of Hueys beating the air.

  2. Junk - Many people died trying to fly this crap.

  3. I would've rather seen it propelled forward by fixed jet engines, with the rotors remaining horizontal and tucked back until needed for vertical landing.....seems safer and more practical to me....

  4. Standing on the roof of a paper mill, I saw three of these
    in helicopter mode with a couple of Blakhawks. They
    were flying so low I could almost reach out and touch them.
    They were very impressive!

  5. when they work ok they are the best thing since sliced bread. when they do not work well, you do not have time to regret it. it is all about everyone doing their jobs right the first time. ever notice how cargo planes that can carry pax do not have pilot ejection seats?
    also, never put a fixed wing pilot into anything resembling a helicopter. they usually do not have a clue. rotary wing pilots think differently. fixed wing guys are all about instant gratification. if it did not move right away give it a lot more control input or thrust. rotary wing pilots have patience and understand inertia and gyroscopic forces and the complex aerodynamics involved with rotary winged flight. fixed wing pilots are all about aggression and brute force trauma and bending mother nature to their will. rotary wing pilots are about finesse and coeresing the forces of nature into taking a path of their own choosing thru guile and subterfuge.
    guess which one i want piloting my Osprey.