Wednesday, January 31, 2018



  1. I've been there a number of times-it's a pretty bleak place. For some unGodly reason I decided a visit in Jan. might be interesting. It gets light about 10am and dark about 3pm. In Reyjkavik all the tall buildings and there's not many, have their roofs fenced off. Lots and I mean LOTS of drinking. The northern lights are cool though.

  2. Generally, alcoholism has always been a growth industry in Iceland. not badmouthing the people just statement of fact as I knew it. spent several years in fire and ice and will never regret it. a great people. they should have had beer instead of vodka. but, then no excess grain crops to speak of.
    visited the volcanic and glacier lands. did a lot of char fishing. off roading like you never knew could happen. beautiful women. just don't think i could ever live there again. i have my own reasons.
    but! it is a great place to visit and i think everyone on the planet should do so in their youth. it will give an appreciation and make you thankful for what you have where you are. any time of year. summer or winter.