Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I like this test. Just call me CW-speare.

That's about all the English I can take for tonight.

Take the test here for yourself, with a hat tip to Gerard over at American Digest for finding it.

Your English Vocabulary Size is:
★★★ Top 0.01%HighLow
★★★ Top 0.01%
You are Shakespeare! You can even create new words that will expand the English dictionary.
For Answers/Stats/New Quizzes:


  1. I only made it to the top 5.33%. I accidentally tapped the touchpad on my laptop twice and answered two questions without even knowing what the question was.

  2. 29,100-no way I outscored Mr Van

  3. 29625 CW must have been pretty close to a perfect score.

  4. 29975. That was hard. Got some cool new words to use.

  5. Is this the test given in Sanctuary cities before you can vote?

  6. 30325 - and if you read the comments over at Van der Leun's place you'll find folks who scored 30500.

    I think it's mostly about age (soon to be 73) and experience as a (compulsive) reader; kids my age were taught to read, and taught why. It's difficult to imagine a lifelong television watcher knowing anything he wasn't told by an idiot. As I contended in that thread, we (all here) are not only the last generation with a vocabulary, we're no doubt the last generation to care.

  7. often wondered why young folk are as they are. you have hit the nail on the head. "It's difficult to imagine a lifelong television watcher knowing anything he wasn't told by an idiot". It explains CU Berkeley campus snowflakes. these older children don't understand why their elders do not respect their thoughts. I believe it is called "experience".

  8. 30150 for me, and "avulse" got me too- at least I didn't recognize the word ("to pull off or separate forcefully.") I wonder which others?

    Yeah, we here (we band of brothers... lol) are of a reading generation. Today's poor snowflakes can't even read cursive, and most don't know what "cursive" even means. This is not their fault: it is ours.

  9. 30498
    Took a SWAG on two of them...


  10. 10250 (well I'm Dutch), and I agree it is mostly about age, most words are not common these days.