Monday, January 22, 2018

A young fellow stands in front of one of the world's biggest meteorites

The Bacubirito meteorite is Mexico’s finest and the fifth largest meteorite on the planet.  Estimated to weigh 22 tonnes, this crooked, 4 meter long slab of iron is on display at the Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa in Culiacan, Mexico.

Ricky Ricardo not included.


  1. It looks disturbingly like an alien entry vehicle that was melted as it came down. The kid would be surprised if the thing cracked open and three Hillary Clinton clones stepped out.

  2. Remember it's 4 meters and 22 tons, AFTER it hit the ground, no telling how big it was before it entered the atmosphere.

  3. Oh my God....

    What would be the shock effect of that thing? If it landed in your back pasture, would it knock your house down?

  4. angle of impact and terminal velocity need to be known for the calculation. straight down is a lot worse than a 45 degree angle hit. terminal energy increases with the square of speed, i believe. needless to say, at twenty two tons it will be a largish number. and how far from the pasture is the house?