Friday, June 14, 2024

Sound Room



  1. Are those Eames chairs ? Those are uber cool. My Dad and his partner had some early Eames chairs for their office lobby back in the 60' / 70's/

  2. If your Dad and his partner had Eames chairs for their office, they clearly had good taste and the budget to afford the best. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman combination are still available and depending on options chosen, can run from ~$6K to $9.5K. See more at

    1. These chairs I remember were not the padded versions shown in photo, but were plain shaped wood, about a 1/4" thick with matching chair legs that had a trapezoidal shape to them. I found some images of them on the net, described as 1st Gen. 1950's. I just remember them as cool chairs.

  3. In '75 we bought a Marantz 2285B receiver, a 6200 turntable and, I think, that cassette deck. I'm using the turntable and we just had the 2285B overhauled for twice the '75 purchase price. That tape deck was an early one with absolutely no treble and also ate tapes. I gave it away at a hamfest. It was purty, though.

  4. Record collection looks very AFROcentric.