Friday, May 26, 2023

Pups. Gotta love 'em



  1. wait'll he/she does it to your gun stock while you're in the old duck blind tall telling. DON'T ask me how i know.

    1. Yep, my 1100 has teething marks from my Boykin when I left her in the blind while putting out decoys. Chewed the end off a couple of paddles too.

  2. Cayenne pepper and leave the dogs outside ffs

  3. Gotta love them ? Well, some pups will push your buttons to see how much you do that. For example:

    Our present dog has pulled off the Infiniti's lower metal door trim completely off 3 times. She has chewed the leather motorcycle bags once. Has torn two motorcycle tarp covers. All repairable, but whoo boy, our BP meds are getting tested.

    The hell of it is - she exhibits regret when we find out. She knows she did wrong, but repeats it once again later on. A bit aggravating but we do not want to take her to a shelter.

  4. Looking around the house at chewed chair legs and door frames I see a "patina of pups", reminding me of various little friends from the past. The sight always brings warm feelings and often a lump in my throat. I proudly carry an old wallet with a chewed corner to reminder me of one of them. Best damn dog I ever had and he laughed at all of my jokes.