Saturday, December 4, 2021

This weekend, Hawaii faces a dangerous blizzard as more than a foot of snow is expected to fall with wind gusts over 100 mph.

 Snow on the tropical island may surprise many but is common at higher elevations. However, blizzards are rare and come every 2-3 years

Which is how often Al Gore visits his palatial island estates.

A flash flood watch is in effect for low elevations through Monday afternoon. 

"Significant flooding may occur due to the overflow of streams and drainages," NWS said. "Roads in several areas may be closed, along with property damage in urban or low lying spots due to runoff...Landslides may also occur in areas with steep terrain."


  1. Which variant is this and how much should we worry that we'll see it on the mainland?

  2. Not to worry Greta & Al are on the way.

  3. It's predicted that on Mon Alec Baldwin will scream, "Who handed me a HOT snowball???"

  4. Sell the damm island to the Japanese for a dollar.

  5. I lived in Hawaii when my Dad was stationed at the old CINCPACFLT headquarters. One of the girls I went to school with came back to school after a long weekend with a strange sunburn on her face. She had been skiing on the Big Island and the "strange" sunburn was from her goggles!!