Sunday, December 5, 2021

Pepsi Max's Bus Shelter commercial explained


  1. Put them in Chicago, Baltimore or Detroit and have computer generated shootouts. Put them in San Francisco and have computer generated flash mobs looting various high-end shops.

  2. That was cool. I liked the octopus arm and the tiger the best.

  3. If they had a camera installed that captured your facial imagine and converted it in real time so that when you looked out the window it would show you initiating a drug deal with a dealer and the thugs show up and give you both a smackdown and haul you off to the hoosegow and the video would be used as evidence against you in the trial.

    1. We are all to rapidly approaching this nightmare.
      It’s already possible to map a computer generated moving image clone of your face onto another moving image - and to assemble conversations never spoken by taking bits and pieces (phonemes) of previous speech. In short - it’s possible to make a video of ‘you’ doing and saying things that never happened.
      Scary thought, eh?